Why You Need To Settle NOW!

In the part of world, I am from; it takes about 6 years to graduate from a medical school. After that the guy officially gets entitled to be called a Doctor and can start a private practice as a General Physician. If he opts for a private practice and if he is lucky, he should be able to make $1000 or a bit more per month.

But if the guy decides to study further, he will have to spend 7 more years and then after passing an exam could finally be eligible to be known as a specialist i.e. a neurologist or a nephrologist.

If he practices at this stage, he should be able to make anywhere from $4000 to $7000 per month.

If he further specializes and be like some micro-nephrologist, he would be in great demand and heck could start practice in Harley Street. Now is when the fun starts to happen, the guy would be playing with money all day long for the rest of his life.

So why am I telling you all this.

Because that’s the precise reason you are not getting success.

You want to become a General Physician of SEO or Facebook or Teespring and yet you hope to make millions.

It never happens that way.

Just like in real life, you need to specialize in internet marketing too – you need to master some art (preferably one art) be it SEO, paid traffic, Facebook etc.

You have to become a master and only then you deserve to make millions.

What is really happening with you right now is you jumping from one subject to another.

An email comes the other day and you think yeah I am gonna slay Facebook with it. Then another one comes and you say, this will make me master at SEO.

Yet you are here, lost and confused and not making (serious) money and all because as they say a rolling stone gathers no moss.

You see a lawyer doesn’t start studying astronomy all of a sudden. He just reads more law and law until big firms start calling him in and that’s when he makes money his slave.

The lesson is pick one or maximum two subjects and then master them.

It’s really time that you settle this issue once and for all and decide what do you really wanna learn because only then you will find the success you dream of everyday.

Ask yourself is it SEO, Facebook or paid traffic you wanna master – once you have settled on something then specialize in it and within a short amount of time, you will become the next best guru in town.

Remember the saying, Jack Of All, Master Of None – well, that is a true saying and that’s why it has been repeated since countless generations because it’s a cold hard fact.

Internet marketing isn’t something out of this world – it’s just like an ordinary world – its part of the same world and same rules apply.

You make good money only if you are a specialist, not a GP.

So decide today and see what you really wanna be master of.

Will it take time, YES it will but reward would be so good, it would be like practicing in Harley Street (where only the top-notch Doctors practice and boy, they make thousands of dollars everyday)

P.S: Yes it’s possible to master two subjects. A GP for instance can opt for Dentistry and then all of a sudden from a simple GP, he will emerge as a Maxilofacial Surgeon (and they make great money by the way) but for now at least settle on one subject.


7 thoughts on “Why You Need To Settle NOW!

  1. This is a new Blog and you have only two articles in it, but these two articles are in my opinion just insane!
    This is all so damn true what you are saying about choosing just one subject. Thats exactly whats happened with me, i am jumping from software, from opportunity to opportunity how you mentioned it.
    The shiny object syndrome is so damn strong….! Thank for this Post Austin.

    Greetings Daniel

    PS: I am excited for future posts and will follow you along

  2. Excellent content already! If you keep this up Austin, the dream – and the journey – will continue to wonderful new places 😉

    I identify entirely with this article. It wasn’t until I focused on one discipline (in my case Amazon private labelling and FBA) that I began to see tangible results from all my hard work.

    To anyone reading this – be like a postage stamp: stick to one thing until you get there!

    Best regards,

  3. Hi

    Thanks for this post, that is exactly the dilemma I am in now

    I chose to learn to succeed in ecom using your shopify and traffic method, I hope you are willing to be my mentor


  4. Yeah! Austin I think you’ve existentially treated the “internet marketing migraine ” of most of the beginners. I’ve been in conundrum and swimming from one site to another in order to get started with affiliate marketing.
    Thanks for such valuable information.
    King from Ghana.

  5. Hey Austin This is so true this what I been doing since for 6 year sor a little more now…I really wanted to get into the Ecom Experts Academy but paycheck didnt I Kind of saw it to late and my check didnt go into my account yet so I waiting.. Now I see that it is closed..Please let me know if it is going to open up again I swear this is the last thing I will stick to and do it.. Thanks Austin!!

  6. Great article, I just bought profits play, from a email you sent.
    The only reason I mention this is because the thing that really tipped my hat to buy, profitsplay , was the bonus on SEO. Lately, I have been focusing on video, but for years I jumped all over the place and bought just about any product that made the (never gonna happen) claim that I would make some money. Now, I’ve never ( well not in a long long time anyway) really fallen for the, make millions in ten minutes kind of crap, but many marketers got smarter and toned the hype down.
    I’m going to save the link to this page, so that I can come back from time to time and remind myself to stay on a straight path and focus on just, well two things, SEO and video.
    Thanks again for the awesome article, Austin, and I’m really looking forward to the SEO bonus.

  7. You are terribly right!!! Very familiar problem to me.
    In my”regular” job-I am a psychotherapist-I have not a problem to focus. I like this work and I am curious by nature. But in internet marketing which I started to earn a lot of money (!) I do suffer from getting distracted all the time by so called new shiny objects, and thus a lack of focus and no persistence. Combined with several learning curves (and since I am so curious I want to learn it all!) not much comes off it. Yes, a lot of procrastination! Frustration! Short term reward and long term failure. I hope I can change that.
    Go on Anthony, good content on your blog.

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