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Today for a review I have got Video Skins. Must read if you are from visitor

Watch the demo video first then read my FULL review below.

Let’s jump to the review straightaway.

Once logged in, the dashboard by the looks of it indicates that it is a polished web app with clear navigation and help menus.

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From the dashboard, you could either directly go to making a new video (read customizing your video) or a new group.

Groups are there to arrange your videos in an easy to remember manner. For instance, you could group all your sales page videos under one group or if share videos on your blog, you could group all the videos on your blog under a new group.

To customize a video, I am going to click on New Video or Create New.

Video Skins supports multiple platforms so can be used for literally any video no matter where it is hosted.

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The following platforms are supported:

  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • Dailymotion
  • S3/Self-hosted
  • Embed code

For the review purpose, I am going to use one random Youtube video (eager to see this movie).

Once naming the video and choosing the group (if you want to group your videos) click on publish (publishing simply means making a new modified video with skins on it in Video Skins; it doesn’t mean that video would be published on your Youtube account or anything like that) and that will lead you to skin customization window.

In the next video skin window, there are at least 15 ready made presets (different combination of video players with different colors of player bar and play buttons) you could deploy instantly. This is useful for those who want a ready made preset (and thus want to change the looks of a video) in seconds (though once a preset is deployed, you can further customize it if you want).

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For the review purpose, I will select Create New.

Features Breakdown

And now I will go though each features one by one.

Basic Settings

First thing you can do is to go to Basic Settings.

Basic Settings allow you to define a border color, border width and any custom html.

Border color is especially useful if you are sharing your videos on Facebook, for instance you could use a bright colored bored i.e. red, yellow to instantly get the attention of a user thus driving more visitors to increase your view count and to get more sharing.

Custom html can be used to insert any html element for instance; you could use html code from JVZoo to insert JVZoo buy buttons right onto your videos. This is useful if you want to promote as an affiliate on Facebook (and don’t want to rely on your affiliate link which will often get cut and thus ignored esp. if you run PPE ads)

You can also resize your videos from basic settings according to your needs.

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Play Button

It’s a known fact that if you put a play button on an image, the click through rate increases because people are subconsciously trained to hit the play button so they could watch a video.

There are at least 55 plus ready made play buttons you could deploy in seconds with the option to further customize each one. You can then position by them by just dragging it on a video.

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Play Bar

You can radically change the overall appearance of a video simply by using a player bar from Video Skins instead of using the default play bar by Youtube or Vimeo.

Social Buttons

There are 20 ready made social buttons with different colors and alignment available. To get attention from users, you could use animation effects (you could use Flash, Wobble or Bounce; they should get more CTR simply because they pop out). Like in other features, you can control when these Social Buttons should appear on your videos and for how long.

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Paypal Buttons

You can use any one of 4 Paypal buttons available (again, these can be further customized).

One weird thing I noticed is that I was unable to find any place to insert PayPal link (for now, it allows Donate buttons only). My guess is this restriction must be from PayPal itself and not set by developers (if developers are reading this review, please let us know your perspective on this)

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Custom Image

This is one of very powerful features you could use in your videos. Using Custom Image, you could use any image in your videos.

You can animate it and set a link (which is a big plus because you can add some custom Call To Actions graphic and then link it leading the visitor to any landing page you want them to visit)

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Opt – Ins

Optin settings in Video Skins is very detailed and has tons of customization to offer. It supports all major autresponders code plus you can customize your optin in any way you want.

Just like other buttons, you can also specify for how long they should get displayed and when they should appear in your videos.

Moreover you can force the uers to optin first and then watch the video. The idea is similar to content-locking, where you lock the content of a webpage unless your visitor likes, shares or tweet your content (in this case, content-locking is applied on videos and they move forward only when they have opted in).

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Countdown Timers

There are 5 built in timers you can use (and further customize). It’s a pretty useful feature to incorporate scarcity right into your videos to make more sales and when running time limited offers.

Count down timers are customizable and you can change, fonts, colors, background color of countdown timer box and so on.

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There are 30 or more ready made buttons (Call To Actions) available you can further customize. These can be linked and once you animate them, these should get you pretty high click through rates.

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Text option allows you to add any text you want right onto your videos. These texts can be used to further instruct users on what to do or what action to take (such instructions can be pretty useful while running paid traffic because you want to make sure your visitor takes the right action or to instruct user to do the action you want them to do)

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Once the video has been customized, you can click on Embed button to share it on your blog (use the html provided) or, simply share the URL if you want to share it on Facebook.

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To further optimize your videos, Video Skins offer a detailed insight into different metrics of your videos. By having such analytics besides you, you can instantly decide how to further improve your videos to make it more conversion friendly.

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I didn’t watch any tutorial to use Video Skins (this review was written without watching any help videos) as all the steps to customize videos are pretty self-explanatory and step-by-step. But if you do feel intimidated by number of features, knowledge base has tutorials that discuss each feature in details.

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I personally use Chrome almost all the time so this review is based on my testing with Chrome browser. That being said, in Chrome, Video Skins worked flawlessly.

There are two things though that I would like to mention.

1. While working on Video Skins, if you leave the window open for some minutes (I believe, 5 minutes) (or 5 minutes of inactivity on your PC), you will automatically get logged out and will have to login again).

This wasn’t bother some as the progress of your video customization is saved as soon as you hit the save button but I think there should be a Remember Me button on login screen of Video Skins so the user isn’t kicked out.

2. For now it seems that only Donate buttons can be deployed as I couldn’t see the option to link a Paypal button. As stated elsewhere, this seems more like limitation from Paypal rather than a bug.

Note: These bugs/limitations have been posted so developers (if they read this blog) may take notice of them and update the app accordingly.


Considering the price, Video Skins is a good tool that can be used to brand yourself, radically transform your videos and do a whole bunch of cool tricks on your videos that could ultimately lead to making more sales (thus more money), collect leads from video marketing and possibly make your videos go viral.

It is a good solution for video bloggers, review blogs and for people who do Facebook marketing.

The BIG PLUS in my opinion however is that it decreases (if not totally eradicate) the need to make a video of your own as you can take any video from any platform and use it in your own advantage, for instance you could lend trust and authority from top videos in your niche and use that trust drive sales and collect leads for yourself.

That being said, it gets my recommendation because of the features it has and the value for money it offers.

Feel free to share this review if you find it useful and if you want to share your thoughts, please comment below.

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