How To Find VIRGIN Niches

In Japan, they have this saying, ‘I no naka no kawazu taikai wo shirazu’ which literally means ‘A frog in a well does not know the great sea’.

Because the frog is living in the well, he doesn’t know what the world outside looks like. He has limited thinking and he is happy in his own world – the fact though is he is missing the beauty of the world, the breeze of sea BIG TIME.

When it comes to niche selection, I must admit, I have been guilty of living like a frog in the well. For me, evergreen niches were all I could think of.

For instance I almost always kept myself glued to health niche.

(Now I am not saying it’s a bad niche – on the other hand health niche is a great niche but that’s not really my point at the moment.)

Health niche was for me the end of horizon. I never even bothered to see beyond it.

Anyway, one day I was browsing OfferVault to look for yet another health related product and suddenly this brand name caught my eye. Maybe I was lucky that day or curious or I don’t know, product name apparently seemed interesting, I never thought such products would exist.

It was Genie Bra (disclosing it for the first time ever).

Just out of pure curiosity, I checked its search volume and oh my Gosh, it was being searched 70,000 per month in Google US alone. (even as of today, its search volume is 22,200 per month).

Google trend for it was going up and up (not anymore though).

And when I fired up Market Samurai – the whole field was literally untouched – ready
to plough – with ZERO competition!

I knew I had to target this keyword.

In 35 days flat, I ranked at number 1 pushing even the official site behind me at number 2.

Result, I made insane amount of money. At that time, I was getting $25 commissions per sale….rest is history.

From that point onwards, I decided to come out of the well and started to notice the real beauty of other niches.

Point of this whole blog posts is that you must never limit yourself to specific niches only. Yes, it’s good if you purse the niches you are passionate about (I followed health niche because I was passionate about it and I never had any problem writing on any health related prodyct) BUT also keep an eye on other niches as well.

You never know when you hit a jackpot. That is why always be willing to test new niches.

Because in every niche, there is some hidden product that is super famous yet has never been targeted before.

Now here a question arises that why you haven’t seen or come across such hidden niches before.

The reason is quite simple. You are in a state of mental lockdown! Even if you want to think outside the box – you are unable to. That’s because you have been trained (just like myself) by countless products to go for typical niches that have (already) been milked.

That being said and if you wanna profit big it’s very important that you come out of this
mental stagnation – this mental inertia.

And to break this lockdown, I wanna share with you a very nice resource. It’s actually a FREE (nothing to buy) resource to find amazingly profitable niches that are still untouched (some are virgin LOL)

And here it is.

I hope this blog post lets you think about new possibilities and to explore new horizons.

Austin & Ali

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