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Today for the review, I have got this unique web application called CopyBuilder.

Watch the demo video first then read my FULL review below.

In few words, it helps you write a copy for your sales page, write a VSL (Video Sales Letter) script, write FB ads along with the descriptions, headlines and copy of your squeeze or optin pages.

That being said, let’s jump to the actual review.

Once logged in, the dashboard looks sleek and clean and presents you with a list of all copies you have written so far (you can edit any of them if you want to which is useful when you want to edit a copy at some point later on).

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All your copies you have written so far are listed under My Sales Copies.

To make a new copy from scratch, you need to click on New Sales Copy.

The next window is where the real magic starts.

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CopyBuilder works with frameworks (or templates) where each framework is divided into different elements (in appropriate and proven order) and each element having different options.

There are total of 5 frameworks or templates you can work on.

  1. 11 Step Letter – for making sales pages.
  2. Explainer Video – for writing a VSL script.
  3. Facebook Ads – for writing FB ads with descriptions.
  4. Headlines – for writing headlines (along with pre-headings and sub-headings).
  5. Lead pages – to write copy for your optin or squeeze pages.

All these frameworks have been crafted by expert copywriters and have been adapted successfully in different launches and thus are proven to work. (refer to Mario Brown’s testimonial on sales page).

That being said, let’s discuss each framework one by one.

11 Step Letter Framework

This framework lets you help write a sales page for your product or service.

As can be expected, this framework has several elements (total of 11) that are ordered strategically to create an effective copy for maximum conversions.

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So I am gonna click the first element Pre Headline.

Once you click an element, a new window pops up and gives you options (4 in total – in sales letter framework, each element gives you 4 options). In front of these options (once you hover your mouse), you will see a + sign you can use to insert the text in HTML editor to start creating your copy.

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As you can see, CopyBuilder works with placeholders.

Just replace the placeholders with your own text and you will have your copy or that particular element ready.

For the review purpose, I used first three elements of sales letter framework and came up with an example copy (this copy is based on if I were to sell a FB course to people who are having difficulties in targeting the right people properly).

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Let’s see how the copy looks in real world.



As you can witness, this is a pretty good copy with the format that is excellent and conversion friendly for a sales letter.

Quick Note On Speed

The best feature of Copy Builder so far is the speed you can write your copy with. I am pretty sure; I can finish a sales page in 20 mins to half an hour tops. (I was able to create/modify the three elements in less than a minute)

Next I am gonna do a VSL script.

Explainer Video

VSL framework has 4 elements in total with each having 4 options.

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For review, I made an intro script and here is how it gonna look in real world (in this case assuming if I were to offer access to my Private Blog Network which is different from rest of the herd)

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Facebook Framework

FB ads framework has 4 elements with each having 7-8 options.

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Assuming I want to sell a blueprint or an ebook that teaches how to build list with FB ads, I came up with the following copy.

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Headline Framework

Headline framework has 3 elements in total with 9-10 options each.

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For review purpose, I wrote a headline assuming I am trying to sell a software that designs T-Shirts.

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Leadpage Framework

Leadpage framework is for writing copy for your optins and squeeze pages. It has 5 elements with 4 options each.

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Using 3 elements and assuming I want to sell a SEO course on how to rank in Google, I came up with the following copy.

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And this is how it will look in real world scenario.

As you can see from examples above, all the copies look professional and should convert really well with the visitors. (please note, CopyBuilder doesn’t generate any graphics, though it does create a mock-up that you can forward to your designer)

The ‘Apparent’ Weakness = an ILLUSION

One could argue (including me initially) that since for every element, there are few options available (4-10 options for each element of a framework) so all the sales pages, VSL scripts and Ads etc created would be pretty same and thus this tool won’t be able to produce unique copy.

BUT THIS IS A BIG FALSE ILLUSION. What’s inside the box is entirely DIFFERENT than what the box looks like from the outside.

Let me explain.

1. You must have seen a briefcase dial lock. It has 3 dials and each dial has numbers from 0-9. So the total numbers of possible combos are 1000.


In mathematical terms, this is called calculating PERMUTATION. (Not combination esp. in our case because permutation strictly adheres to the order of items, since in CopyBuilder, you need to place elements in their order, that is why we will calculate permutation and not combinations)

So with CopyBuilder, now imagine, there are 11 dials instead of 3 with each dial having 1 to 4 numbers (in case of sales letter framework), now if you calculate PERMUTATION, the result is exponential!


The same with FB ads.


The same with leadpages again.


As you can see and as it is proven now, mathematically speaking, no 2 copies can be the same – ever!

2. Everybody is working in different markets or niches and everybody’s interpretation of placeholders in CopyBuilder are going to be different. You will use different words and feelings when you describe customer’s biggest dreams as compared to me. Thus there is almost NO chance of making duplicate copies with CopyBuilder.


If there is one art, one should know, it is how to sell. Without copywriting, you can never sell your product even if it’s really great and innovative. But copywriting is such a fine art that it can take life long readings and writings and that’s the precise reason why copywriters are so damn expensive.

CopyBuilder makes it super easier to write a professional copy that can sell and sell by loads. It’s speedy and it follows proven copywriting guidelines that lay the essential foundation needed for an effective copy.

Using CopyBuilder, you should be able to create copy and ads that could help you build a funnel that brings in passive income – even if you are a newbie.

On this blog, there will be softwares or blueprint recommendations I would simply highly recommend but CopyBuilder stands out and definitely makes me say that this one is a MUST BUY app because it has all the things you need to double or triple your profits. You should definitely get it because at this price, its a really good deal.

Moreover I am offering the following bonuses to anyone who purchases CopyBuilder with my link (Use CBEARLY to get $10 OFF your purchase)

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Feel free to comment on this post and let me know what you think about the review and CopyBuilder.

4 thoughts on “CopyBuilder Review

  1. Once again a really great review including a mathematic lesson. I love the way you make a review!
    Keep on the great work..! About this CopyBuilder, i habe to say i am already on the fence. I think, I can spy on other professional copys and then change something. that works as well!?

  2. The review of ‘CopyBuilder’ is comprehensive and inspiring…
    Plus the Bonuses are seriously complimentary to the product…

  3. Nice review. Seems fair and well written, I particularly liked the mathematical proof concept-excellent! Also the flow with mini sales video to demonstrate and written text to explore the product. Again, it seemed fair, obviously waited towards “selling” the product but that is your goal. I wonder if you would review something, ( a product that is flawed or not high quality) and point out negative issues? just musing!
    The bonuses seem well thought out. One complaint ,the diagrams and graphic seem tiny, (i know click to enlarge), it would be better for lazy people like me for a mouse over enlargement but I said it “lazy people like me”. Probably I will consider buying this, if I do, I will be back. Good luck.

    1. Thank you for a detailed feedback, I really appreciate it.

      Here is my perspective about reviewing a flawed product:

      1. I almost always review a product that I think is worth spending money, now by implications, that means I will ALWAYS be looking out actively for GOOD products only, make sense?

      2. I write (and I plan to write) only detailed reviews and it usually takes me anywhere from 3-5 days to write one (testing, observations, my points), I wouldn’t prefer to like spend 5 days just to point out flaws of a product, I mean, I see it counter-productive.

      3. The goal of my review isn’t to make a sale (I know it’s a cliché) but to present facts and then leave the judgment to you, and if you read my verdict of Video Skins, it will be quite evident. In Video Skins review I am not trying to sell you anything (admittedly, I have recommended it) but I haven’t done that BS like, it’s a must buy and blah blah blah. I presented facts and that’s it. CopyBuilder is an exception because for people who can’t write copy, it’s indeed a fine tool (but still I am not pushing it down the throat, am I)

      Regarding images, I think I do have the option to enlarge when user hovers his mouse but it was kinda too much for my taste LOL.

      Once, again, thank you for commenting and keep up with such feedback.

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