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Meet Ali Akbar, my business partner, my IM buddy, my friend and guest blogger at IM Buddies.

Ali is the owner at DifferentEmails.com. He has written email sequences and sales letters that have grossed multi 6 figures. Because of his unique style of writing and humor in them, his emails have always converted extraordinary well. Ok, I will hand over to Ali now to say a little about himself.


My name is Ali Akbar, I am from Pakistan. YES! Even a Pakistani can be a successful internet marketer. Where Youtube is banned and internet connection sucks and where we still have prolonged power outages on daily basis.

I am a Doctor but due to some very unfortunate circumstances, I couldn’t pursue medicine further. And thus became a jobless guy wasting his life.

But then a day comes and you realize you ought to do something. So I searched Google and my first encounter was with TypeInternational, some data entry company.

Once I joined it, I really expected I would make some good money but it really was a bad experience – I was supposed to fill in like 15000 entries to get $100 per month. Now those entries weren’t easy either, I had to sit for like 6 hours in one go and even then I could only do 100 entries in one sitting.

Anyway, that company had a nice members area and there were some bonuses in it. Checked some of them and they were really old PLR books from 2004 and so but while I was reading them, I started to know about traffic and finally affiliate marketing.

For the next 4 months, I would just submit articles on (kidney stones) on Ezinearticles and just the view count would make me happy. In the next 2 months, I finally realized that even if I get 100 k views for my articles, what is the point if my article doesn’t make me any money because I didn’t know how to monetize them, I was that newbie.

So I studied more and it became apparent that I needed to build sites.

Fortunately, when I started SEO, I grasped it relatively fast and by 10th month or so, my site was finally ranking and making money.

I sold one site on Flippa and met this amazing guy you know him as Austin Anthony and from there on – we became partners – and rest of course is history.

Just like Austin, I plan to share some awesome content that will help you get you on the right track and help you achieve your online success much faster. Both me and Austin never got any outside help so we know how it is like to be there, lost and confused. With that spirit, we are going to help you with anything you need help with.

Ali Akbar

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